Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Floating Boats!

We have been learning to write a recount. Today we wrote a recount as a class about making our boats. We were so excited that almost all of them floated! The best part is we had so much fun working together and learning from each other!

Our Boats
This week Room 12 made boats with a buddy because we have been learning about working together.
First we made a plan. We drew our boat and we wrote down what we needed to make it.
The next day we made the boats. It was hard to make the boats.

The materials we used were bubble wrap, tinfoil, straws, cups, paper, sellotape and red material.

On the third day we tried to test our boats to see if they float or sink! We went to the pool with our boats. Then we got changed and got in the pool. The water was chilly!

We put the boats in the pool and let them float. Most of the boats floated, but some of them sank!

Lastly, we had to make sure we took all the bits of boat that sank out of the pool. It was so much fun making boats and taking them to the pool. We loved making boats!

Written by Room 12

                        We were so nervous to put them in the water!

It's floating!! Mahi pai Angel and Cornellius!


  1. Kia ora ruma tekau ma rua
    I love your amazing waka, you are all very creative.
    When I was walking past the pool I heard lots of laughter and I looked across and it was the fantastic Rm 12 having lots of fun floating their waka.

  2. Nice boats Room 12. I hope you guys had fun while making your boats. We also made our own wakas with our families as a homework project. We had our waka race on Tuesday 14th March.
    Did you have a fun race as well? We hope you guys enjoyed it like we did!

    Ka pai!
    Fantastic Fifteen over and out.

  3. Room 12 your is amazing so we now it good but it better. But did it float?

  4. I loved your waka. You looked as if you had fun making them and then sailing them. I wonder.... DID ANY OF THEM SINK? If they sunk, why?